Sea Yourself Designs launched from the idea that purposeful adventure clothing can also be fun, artistic and fashionable. It can be a creative way to express and share your personal passions. Maybe even educate and inspire.

The artist behind Sea Yourself Designs is Susan Knight. She is a Biologist, photographer, educator and naturalist guide. Much of her life has revolved around guiding, writing and teaching about the natural world and how important it is for our health and mental wellness. 

Fascinated with human/nature connection, her hope is to inspire people towards nature. She believes it is a misconception that humans are actually separate from nature and not part of it. We are part of the web of all life and structure of the planet. Even in a city in the middle of a tiny apartment by yourself. We are all here together. She has seen many examples of how nurturing this connection builds healthy minds, bodies and communities. It expands a passion and curiosity for life. 

Susan was an active diving instructor (PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer) and dive guide for 15 years. She trained hundreds of divers to identify marine life for volunteer research projects, and even more kids in biology camps and school programs, as well as organizing all ages nature/meditation retreats. 

She has now transitioned mostly to free diving for photo projects and works regularly in the film industry decorating sets. Most of her water work and hiking guiding has been in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean.   

On the fashion side, Susan modeled print, runway, and worked as a stand-in for film. These activities sparked a true interest in photography as an art form. She always thought her love of fashion and outdoor exploration were distinctly unrelated. Turns out they are a great team.

Susan has also worked extensively with professional Mermaids and loves that being a mermaid is a viable career choice. You will see many of these talented water women in images on this website. It is through commitment to their connection with water and creative expression that makes many of these unique images possible.

Her photography has been featured in Sport Diver Magazine, Mermaids & Mythology Magazine, Freesurf Magazine, Big Island Weekly, West Hawaii Today, 72 & Rising Magazine, Organic Spa Magazine, Buzzfeed, Barnacle Babes Magazine (Cover, writer), Ocean Artist's Society Magazine (Cover, writer), Spirit & Destiny Magazine(UK), and the book Mermaids 101. She is a published co-author of training programs for PADI and REEF. Her work has been carried at The Watershed Arts Cafe, Raven Rock Gallery, and Holualoa Gallery.

 May you find your passion and live it.



 Photos by Rusty Orr 

Photo by Dana Richardson


With Dana Mermaid

 Photo by Sarah Lee