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Sea Yourself Designs

Green Dance/Mermaid Dreams

Green Dance/Mermaid Dreams

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Both of these photographs were shot in cenotes (part of an underground river system) in Mexico. Sometimes the water is so clear it is as if we are shooting on land. To capture under water images, we must be careful to move slowly and deliberately to avoid kicking up algae and silt. We also want always to be careful to avoid disturbing any life. Side 1 is sleeping Mermaid Sidney. Side 2 is appropriately attired Mermaid Hyli in a dress with legs.

Carry-all zipper pouches featuring printed artwork. Denim-lined carry-alls come in 4 handy sizes to make toting and organizing almost anything effortless.


-Denim Lined: Indigo demin lining provides a soft structure for your carry-all.


10" by 7.5"

12" by 8"

14" by 10.5"

16" by 12"

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